Grantee Highlights

Over the years, we have helped build communities and lives by supporting the great work of more than 1,200 organizations. In recent years, the foundation has awarded grants totaling approximately $4 million annually.



Chinquapin is a private, college-prep boarding school in Texas providing quality education to motivated students from under-resourced communities and schools in Houston. Their emphasis on community service, earning what one receives, and college acceptance as a graduation requirement produces responsible, well-educated citizens with a desire to be leaders in their communities.

Heritage Society at Sam Houston


Founded in 1954 to rescue the 1847 Kellum-Noble House from demolition, The Heritage Society has saved ten historic buildings, moved them from various locations to Sam Houston Park, and restored them to reflect their respective eras. These ten buildings, along with the Museum Gallery, showcase the diverse history of Houston and Texas from the early 1800s to the mid-1900s.

Hoover Institution


The Hoover Institution is a public policy think tank seeking to improve the human experience by furthering ideas which promote economic opportunity and prosperity, while also securing and safeguarding peace for America and all mankind.

Hope Clinic


HOPE Clinic’s A Vision of HOPE Capital Campaign supports the construction of a new 70,000 square-foot Health and Wellness Center located in the heart of the diverse International District. The new building will expand and further their mission of providing quality healthcare without prejudice to all people of Greater Houston in a culturally and linguistically competent manner.

Houston Food Bank


The Houston Food Bank distributes food and other essentials to those in need through a network of more than 1,600 community partners. The Food Bank also helps families achieve long-term stability through programs and services including nutrition education, job training, health management, and assistance in securing other resources.

Interfaith Ministries


As part of their mission to bring people of diverse faith traditions together, Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston provides a Meals on Wheels program helping seniors maintain their independence, providing them with daily social contact, and often improving their health. The Meals on Wheels program demonstrates their vision for a more respectful, connected, and caring society.



The Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA) is committed to educating Congressional, military, and civilian national security decision-makers on American defense and strategic interests, primarily in the Middle East. The Generals and Admirals Program to Israel is geared towards educating recently retired U.S. generals and admirals, while the U.S. Military Leaders Program focuses on elite, active-duty U.S. military officers.

Joy School


The Joy School prepares students with learning differences to return to traditional classroom settings by enabling them to reach their academic and social potential in a safe, supportive environment. The Joy School Student Financial Aid Fund provides tuition assistance for families of children with learning differences who are unable to afford the full cost of tuition.

St. Dominic Village


Founded in 1975, St. Dominic Village is a faith-based, non-profit, retirement community dedicated to caring for our elders with the compassion of Christ. The Resident Subsidy Fund bridges the gap between the actual cost of care and available Medicaid funding.